Sheriffs' Association of Texas


Parmer County Sheriff's Office (Deputy Position)

Position: Deputy Sheriff - Full Time

Posting Date: August 3, 2016

Closing Date: Until filled

Benefits provided: Health Insurance and Retirement for employee

Job Description: Respond to dispatched calls for all types of law enforcement services including but not limited to assaults, domestic disturbances, thefts, and other criminal and civil calls for service. A Deputy will be involved in all areas of law enforcement to include corrections, civil process, crime prevention, patrol, court bailiff and may also have to deal with persons that could be suffering from mental issues. As a Patrol Deputy a person will be assigned shifts which may rotate and involve different times of the day (nights, evenings and day shifts) A patrol Deputy will also have to respond to natural disasters, traffic crashes, medical calls and other public emergencies.

All Deputies are subject to 24 hour call under extenuating circumstances and may be assigned call out in covering shifts.

Must meet all licensing requirements as set forth by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and Texas state law.

For more details, information or how to apply:

Applications can be picked up at:

Parmer County Sheriff’s Office
PO Box 860/300 4th Street
Farwell, Texas 79325

Or you may contact the Parmer County Sheriff’s Office at (806) 481-3303.