Sheriffs' Association of Texas

Gaines County Sheriff's Office (Patrol Deputy Position)

The Gaines County Sheriff's Office currently has an opening for a Full-Time Patrol Deputy.

Position: Full- Time Patrol Deputy

Salary: $23.66 per hour (+3% increase after October 2018)

Benefits: Paid vacation, holiday and sick leave, cell phone stipend and longevity pay. Retirement, Health and Life Insurance. Uniforms and assigned duty weapons. Additional benefits are available.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Enforce laws established for the protection of persons and property.
  2. Enforce traffic laws and respond to accidents.
  3. Respond to emergencies and prioritize calls on urgency.
  4. Investigate criminal activity, process crime scenes, interview witnesses, suspects and victims and prepare detailed reports which may include photographs.
  5. Conduct some follow up investigations.
  6. May serve to help train lesser experienced deputies.
  7. Prepare and submit administrative documentation including times cards, activity logs, vehicle maintenance, fuel logs and others as needed.
  8. Make arrests, serve arrest and search warrants, serve some civil process and investigates and reports on ESTRAY animals when necessary.
  9. Carries a firearm and maintains weapons proficiency as determined by the agency.
  10. Cares for and maintains all County issued property and assures that it is in good working order or condition.
  11. Shall fulfill the employments standards of this position and comply with county policies, rules and procedures.
  12. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Sheriff or his designee.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. TCOLE Certified Basic Peace Officer in good standing with the commission.
  2. Valid Texas Driver's License with an acceptable driving record.
  3. Ability to read, write and understand the English language.
  4. Demonstrate and operate proficiency with a computer and other multi-media devices.
  5. Ability to write clear and concise reports and maintain accurate, detailed records.
  6. Safely qualify with a firearm and maintain firearm proficiency.
  7. Effectively use and operate a digital camera, video, in-car video system, body camera and all associated programs necessary.
  8. Adequately demonstrate defensive and safe driving techniques as they relate to an emergency operations in a Sheriff's Office vehicle.
  9. Maintain mental capacity and physical condition.
  10. Effectively handle work environment and conditions which involve personal danger and potential exposures.
  11. Ability to work any shift*, weekends and holidays are required for this position.

*12 hour shifts, every other weekend off

Contact Chief Deputy Clint Low for an application at 432.758.9871 Ext. 4511