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Updated: 4/17/2023 -4/21/2023

Advanced Civil Process Training #3101

Victoria County Sheriff's Office

101 N Glass Street

Victoria, Texas 77901

Time: 0800-1700


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Author John Steinsiek, a renowned instructor and authority in the field of civil process in Texas, has masterfully created a handbook that can be used in the field or in the classroom. Designed for ease-of-use and quick reference, the handbook provides the user with a practical guide to the service of civil documents.
In meticulous format, Mr. Steinsiek provides the process and legal framework which has influenced the interpretation and application of the law, along with practical tips for those serving civil process. The handbook also includes several reference charts to allow the user to answer questions pertaining to jurisdiction, delivery, fees, and documentation requirements.
Each segment provides a definition, a summary of requirements for service, and the necessary information that must be articulated in the return. Included are some examples of service returns for individuals, corporations and an affidavit for alternate service. References are also given for each document covered in this publication. In addition, the rules and codes that govern specific documents are identified in text, as is the case law for further guidance in the service or execution of process.
This is a MUST HAVE for anyone serving process in the State of Texas!

The Victoria County Sheriff's Office is hosting a 40 hour Advanced Civil Process training. This training will cover Rules and Codes establishing fees, Who pays the fees, liability issues for citations, pre-judgement writs, post judgment writs, landlord-tenant relations, manufactured housing. The service and return requirements for the documents and tax suits and judgments. County, District Clerks and Justices of the Peace rules are referenced in the course. Working with the District and County Attorney (your legal representative) will be discussed.

This class requires that each student have the textbook "Civil Process for Texas". The textbook will be ordered the Victoria County Sheriff's Office and will be included with the registration fees for the course. Numerous handouts and a thumb drive with other forms and information will be provided also.

• Class limited to 25 students
• TCOLE approved course (40 hours)
• $225.00 tuition per student (includes textbook)                             

Make checks payable to Victoria County Sheriff's Office

To Register:

Lt. Greg Kouba, Training Coordinator or call 361-574-8032

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