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Cold Case Review Team (CCRT)

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Spring 2020
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The Cold Case Review Team was created by the Sheriffs' Association of Texas in 1985 to provide assistance to all law enforcement agencies on not only Cold Cases but also unsolved criminal investigations to include sex crimes, homicide cases, etc., that have occurred in their communities.

The Cold Case Review Team consists of Sheriffs, Deputies, Officers from city Police Departments, the Texas Department of Public Safety, DPS Crime Laboratory, DPS Special Crime Services, Texas Rangers and a Medical Doctor. All Members have extensive training and experience in criminal investigations, criminal profiling and analysis of violent crimes.

The committee meets twice a year in Austin to provide these services at no cost to requesting agencies. 

The Sheriffs' Association of Texas Cold Case Review Team has been providing assistance to police agencies throughout Texas for over three decades.

Our objective is to bring together a wide variety of seasoned investigators with a tremendous amount of expertise in different areas to provide assistance with unsolved cases.

All investigative material brought to the presentation is returned to the presenter at the end of the session.

Neither SAT nor the Team want any publicity, credit or recognition on your case. Release of any information to the news media will be by the presenter and/or respective agency.

The SAT and Team will not release any information to the news media.

Team Members have experienced many of the same investigative difficulties facing presenters of unsolved cases. This 'THINK-TANK' environment provides an opportunity for a wide variety of input, different perspectives, and investigative considerations to the officers making the presentation.