Sheriffs' Association of Texas


Nolan County Sheriff's Office ( Deputy Positions)

Job Position: Deputy Sheriff (2 Positions Available)

Salary for Deputy Sheriff $43,308.37 annually
Standard probationary period of 6 months during which time salary is reduced by $50.00 per month.

Works out to $3,609.03 per month or $20.82 per hour after probation.

Regular Paydays: Two pay days per month; the 15th of each month and the last day of the month. If pay day falls on a holiday or weekend; payroll will be issued the business day preceding the holiday or weekend. Overtime rate is $31.23 per hour (time and a half) and overtime is paid once monthly, usually on the last paycheck of the month.

License Required: Applicants for Deputy Sheriff positions with Nolan County must already be licensed as a Peace Officer with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) or have already completed a TCOLE approved Basic Peace Officer Academy, including successful passing of the state licensing exam, and meet all requirements to become licensed as a Texas Peace Officer.

Residency Requirement: Nolan County Sheriff’s Deputies are required to reside within the boundaries of Nolan County.

Longevity pay: $5.00 per month for each year of completed service after five years;
6-10 years of service = $10.00 per month for each year of completed service;
10-15 years of service = $15.00 per month for each year of completed service and thereafter.

Health & Dental Insurance: Standard major medical health insurance (currently Blue Cross/Blue Shield) is provided for the employee at no cost. $1,000.00 annual deductible, $30.00 office visit co-pay, 80% coverage after deductible met, prescription card $10-$30-$50 co-pay. Dental coverage is also provided for the employee. Dependent health and dental coverage is available with monthly premiums paid by the employee.

Leave Time:
80 hours of vacation per year. (120 hrs. of vacation per year after 10 years of County service)
12 paid holidays (8 hrs. per holiday – 96 hours annually).
8 hours of sick leave accumulated per month up to a maximum of 480 hours.

Retirement: Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS). Nolan County contributes $1.70 for each dollar the employee has withheld.

Equipment: NCSO provides all uniforms, weapons, duty rig, vest, cellular phone, radio and a vehicle. Weapons include semi-auto pistols for both on and off duty, semi-auto tactical patrol rifle and tactical pump shotgun. All NCSO Deputies are issued their own individual, well equipped, take home fleet vehicle complete with in-car computer.