Sheriffs' Association of Texas


Aransas County Sheriff's Office (Jailer Positions)

Position Details: Jailer
Location: Rockport, TX
Openings: 6
Salary Range: $38,949.22

Open: Until Filled

Maintains security of the jail. Receives and secures prisoners until their release. Responsible for transporting or moving prisoners. Oversees and maintains the cleanliness of the pods. Hands out department and inmate forms as requested. Receives and delivers inmate mail. Supplies medical personnel with medications. Under supervision of shift sergeant, receive bail bonds, cash bail, and fines. Process inmate pictures and fingerprints. Supervise visitations by approved visitors, attorneys, religious volunteers, etc. Perform searches of inmates and cells. Posts, maintains, and enforces inmate regulations. Maintains uniforms and meets departmental standards at all times. Respond to other duties assigned. The physical demands and environmental factors listed below are also essential functions for this position. Participate on Emergency and Evacuation drills. In-case of emergency or Disaster be able to be activated as essential personnel.

1. Reports to: Shift Corporal, Shift Sergeant

2. Directs: This is a non-supervisory position; however senior jailer can provide supervision and guidance for new-hire jailers.

3. Other: Has contact with other department employees, other law enforcement agencies, inmates, and the general public.

Must possess High School Diploma or Equivalent

Must pass Oral Interview Board.

Must pass psychological interview furnished by the department

Must pass medical and UA screening furnished by the department

Have possession of a Texas DL and SSN Card valid for employment

Must be a US Citizen

Prior Military shall provide honorable discharge form

Pass a criminal background check

Obtain permanent jailer license thru TCOLE within a year of being awarded temporary license.

Prior licensed Jailers must have current license prior to hire.