Sheriffs' Association of Texas


Wilbarger County Sheriff's Office (Deputy Position)

Wilbarger County Sheriff's Office (Deputy Position)

SALARY: Basic Peace Officer - $ 42,060.00 annually

  • Certificate Pay
  • $700.00 a year clothing allowance
  • Longevity Pay

Benefits: (benefits package through the county)

  • Christmas bonus
  • Christmas club
  • Holiday Pay
  • Take home Patrol Vehicle
  • Sidearm, Patrol Rifle, Shotgun, Taser etc.
  • Retirement (7%, 11.8% County Pays)
  • Sick Leave
  • Insurance (.45% Life Term Insurance)
  • Vacation time
  • Phone Allowance


  • Duties include but not limited to: Investigating crimes against persons and property, and provide law enforcement service and assistance for county. Complete offense and incident reports as well as investigate criminal activity and may be required to testify in court. Perform other duties as directed by the Sheriff or supervisor.
  • Knowledge and skills required include: Basic computer skills/knowledge; Communication skills, both verbal and written with proper use of English grammar; Knowledge of Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedures; Weapons proficiency.


  • High School Diploma or GED required by TCOLE for this position.
  • Minimum 2 Years of experience as a Peace Officer.
  • Must possess a valid Texas Drivers License
  • Valid Texas Basic Peace Officers License, in good standing, from TCOLE.
  • Must be able to pass the TCOLE mandated physical and psychological requirements.
  • Must be willing to relocate to Wilbarger County Texas

Wilbarger County Sheriff's Office
Office of: Bill Price, Sheriff
Attn: Chief Deputy Clinton Nava
Wilbarger County Court House
1700 Wilbarger St Rm#18
Vernon, Texas 76384
940-552-6205 (office)