Sheriffs' Association of Texas


Parmer County Sheriff's Office (Deputy Position)

Job Position: Deputy Sheriff 

The Parmer County Sheriff’s Office is taking applications for Deputy Sheriff. This is a full time position which includes fully paid medical insurance, vacation leave, overtime pay and longevity pay. Each deputy is assigned a patrol vehicle and receives a clothing allowance for uniforms.

Deputies are assigned to patrol in the county and the safety and security in the county. Such duties include criminal investigations, civil process service, warrant service, intervention in criminal activity, court security, prisoner transport, crime prevention, public education and patrol duties. Deputies will also respond to traffic crashes and emergency calls which may require first aid, CPR and use of AED’s. Deputies also assist with the safety and security of the jail. 

License Required: Applicants for Deputy Sheriff positions with Parmer County must already be licensed as a Peace Officer with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)

Residency Requirement: Parmer County Sheriff’s Deputies are required to reside within the boundaries of Parmer County.

For an application/background and further information contact the Sheriff Randy Geries or Chief Deputy Eric Geske at 806 481-3303 or come by the office at 300 4th Street in Farwell, Texas.