Sheriffs' Association of Texas

Items Required by the Committee

Items Required by the Committee for Case Assessment

  1. PowerPoint Presentation is preferred
  2. All Investigative Reports
  3. Photographs:           
    1. Complete photographs of the crime scene.
    2. Color photos of the victim.
    3. The larger the photo, the better. The camera should focus on the depth and extent of the wounds.
    4. Body positioning, different angles.
    5. If residence is involved, photos of other rooms, including a crime scene sketch which depicts the entire scene and floor plan of the residence.
    6. If possible, photos of the area to include an aerial shot to show relationship of body placement to area.
  4. Neighborhood and complex             
    1. Racial, ethnic and social data
  5. Medical Examiner's Report (Autopsy Protocol)             
    1. Photos to show full extent of damage to body                 
      1. Stabbing, number of cuts
      2. Gun shot
      3. Bruises
      4. Lividity
      5. Etc.
    2. Laboratory reports (if available)
    3. Are wounds post mortem?
    4. Feel of the medical examiner which is not committed to the report
  6. Map of the victim's travel prior to death           
    1. Place employed
    2. Residence
    3. Where last seen
    4. Crime scene location
    5. County
    6. City